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Data Capture & Document Automation

The majority of information that comes into a business is unstructured. It enters the business as a Fax, email or via post. Often this contains information that needs to be inputted in to business systems, such as Finance ,ERP and CRM.

Our Data Capture & Document Automation solutions revolutionise the process of data entry. It integrates fully with your business applications and workflows, plus it provides an electronic index for quick document retrieval

The Benefits

  • Scan your paper-based documents to the cloud to be returned in a workable electronic format.
  • Promote a greener, less wasteful workplace.
  • Automatically convert hardcopy paper originals to accurate, formatted, editable soft copy
  • Process forms and collate data faster.
  • Zonal Optical Character Recognition you can home-in on precise, pre-defined fields and extract data to back-end applications.
  • Scrap data from unusable formats and return it in any format you would like – XML, CSV etc.