Recover your data from anywhere, any time

Hosted Backup Solutions

Backup is one thing you don’t want to spend time worrying about. You just want to know that it works and that it’s in safe hands. This is precisely what B2 IT Solutions deliver – Hosted Backup Solutions that offer piece of mind that your back ups are automatically taken every evening and checked every morning.

We hope you’ll never need your backup, but if you do, we’ll make sure that restoring your business to normal working order is as smooth a process as possible. Because it is a cloud backup, when you need to recover your data you can do so from anywhere, any time.

Benefits of the B2 Hosted Backup Solutions

The backup is fully automated leaving no room for human error (although we check it every morning)

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer

You don’t have to remember to take tapes offsite or worry about the event of a fire.








Global access

You can restore from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world

No capital cost
It requires no expensive hardware or tapes that wear out

Remote Set Up
Installation can be done remotely with little or no interruption of your work

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