Confused by all the talk about cloud services?

What is this “Cloud” technology that everyone’s on about?

Well put in the simplest form, cloud services allow you to replace some or all of your onsite server requirements with hosted services provided by Microsoft and other vendors, thus reducing the need for expensive onsite servers and hardware.

Where others will baffle you with smoke and mirrors, we will help you – step by step – to formulate a strategy and roadmap to enable your business to take advantage from the wide range of hosted services available.

Benefits of migrating to the Cloud

Cost Savings.

Minimise the need to have complicated server hardware onsite, reducing running and ownership costs

It’s scalable.

You pay a set amount per user, per month, adding or removing users as and when you need to.



It’s flexible.

If you find that your users need more space across the board, you can upgrade dynamically and downgrade when it’s not needed.

It’s accessible.

Work remotely from wherever. Need we say more?